RT @BitchYouOutt: Just stop talking. I don’t give a fuck about you. #werenotfriends

I love how he can calm me down. Just by loving me. For me.

When jake, takes me to cici’s… I mean business. http://t.co/xPWEZscn

#NoPants sleep swag. . #teamHalfNaked! :D

Goodnoooght tweety twitter tweeters!.. #yawn. Beeddddy by time… Excited much?! YES!

Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m unhappy. All I know is that it feels like nothing is going right & the more I try is the harder it gets.

These past few days have honestly been kicking my ass. And not in a good way.

Worst. Headache. Ever.. Fuck you insomia. >.< #annoyed

Not to brag or anything but, My mom is the new susie homemaker.. Ive never seen our house this decorated in my life. #christmascrazy! (:

My body spray, that smells like cotton candy, is from the dollar store.. & it smells better then any name brand shit.

Dear fiance; I cannot lose you. Because if I ever did, I’d have lost my best friend, my soul mate, my smile, my laugh, my everything.

She says she doesn’t care, but the look on her face tells a whole different story.

Okay… NOW I’m going to sleeeeeeeep. Talked to meh babey; so I’m now relaxed. <3

I love me some Morning star; Intimation “chikin” patties.. <3 #GrubTime.

RT @DamnItsTrue: Admit it, you’re not completely yourself. You’ve lied on at least 1 thing about yourself, or you hide at least 1 thing …